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Extemporé is a thematic unit based on the higher levels of thinking, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, affective learning and fun. And better yet it is easily facilitated. Each unit contains a wide variety of activities and lesson plans for grades 2-12 (teachers have adapted them for K-1 as well). Choose from seventeen different thematic units including pirates, mysteries, mythology, races, flying machines, shoes, rainforests, folk tales, Einstein, movie making, human physiology, Shakespeare, marbles, U. S. road trips, American Presidents, inventions, and laughter! You may also participate in a state Extemporé competition a reporter called "The Walt Disney World of Academics." So, what are you waiting for…come see what you've been missing and join our Extemporé family!

Thank you to coaches, volunteers and students who made this year's State Extemporé spectacular!

State Scoresheet Division 1

State Scoresheet Division 2

State Scoresheet Division 3


Created by Janifer Alpers